I know what it is like when you start practicing something new – you have so many questions and do not always know which way to turn.  So, here is a quick guide if you have a question or concern in between workshops.

If your query is about the training programme, the portfolio forms, dates, feedback or a complaint

Please contact Trish, who is available Monday to Wednesday during normal working hours (Fridays and Saturdays on workshop days only) and she will try to answer your questions (email is the easiest way to get me):

Tel: 07729332174

Email: trish@therapisttocoach.co.uk

Please note that I aim to get back to you with a response within three working days.

If your query is to do with building confidence, getting or seeing a new coachee, or how to use tools and techniques

1.  Trust the process!  Use TGROW and remember the skills you already have as a therapist of active listening and being able to sit with ‘not knowing’. Just providing a confidential time to think can be invaluable.  Remember you are training – you are not expected to know it all, and your coachees will be aware of this from when you had your contracting/working agreement session with them.

2.  Ask your ‘buddies on the Therapist to Coach programme: your peer-coaching and peer-supervision colleagues.  You may find that in talking through your concerns you will find your own solutions – a key tenet of being a coach!

3.  This is likely to be something you can pick up in your co-supervision or you can book a professional supervision session (two come free as part of the programme, but more can be purchased at a reduced fee).  To book one of your two supervision sessions, please contact the supervisor directly.

I aim to provide you with a supervision session within seven working days.

4. Email me – I am usually able to respond within 48 hours on business days

5.  Book a 60 minute tutorial with Trish – two 1:1 sessions are available for free as part of the programme, along with two 90 minute group tutorials (see info about tutorials in the opening pages of your handbook)

6.  I will go through any questions and concerns you have at the next workshop.

All this thinking and reflection is great for your portfolio, so don’t forget to make a note of your learning.

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