Therapist to Coach
Senior Practitioner in Coaching

Are you a psychotherapist, counsellor or psychologist and want to coach? Then this course is for you

Senior Practitioner in Coaching

This training programme is specifically aimed at therapists who want to add coaching to their existing practice, either as an integrated approach or a separate business.

The programme has the prestigious European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC Global) “kitemark“ which provides you with an EMCC Global Senior Practitioner in Coaching qualification. Plus, you have the option to fast track to EMCC Global accreditation.

This is a challenging programme delivered fully online over 12 months that will transform qualified and experienced therapists into exceptional coaches.

You may wish to be an executive, business, life, therapeutic, or performance coach, or not even know for sure at this point. This programme will give you the skills and practice, standards incredible to enable you to be the coach you want to be.


The Therapist to Coach programme is rigourous and demanding to meet the highest possible standards for the focus on self-guided, deeply reflective learning and skills practice. I believe people learn coaching by doing it, so 80% of the program is focused on practice.

EMCC Global Senior Practitioner level competencies and qualifications are those that aim to equip you as a professional coaching specialist, enabling you to work with a whole range of people from senior executives, directors and boards of organisations through to individuals who want to have more control or balance in their relationships or life.

You do not need a “placement“ to begin your coaching instead, as an already experience therapist, you can work with feepaying clients as a trainee coach straight away from the first workshop. This helps to quickly get in your practice hours and begin to recoup the course fees.

Programme overview


What graduates say

“Trish is extremely supportive and generous with her time and expertise. I was blown away by the amount of support offered and am very grateful. Trish was very generous with the information provided and delivery was excellent. Very engaging and responsive to the groups needs. She was really flexible and responsive to the needs of every delegate.  Trish is very accepting and flexible which fosters a learning environment which feels comfortable to learn and experiment without judgment and shame.   The online experience was excellent.”

Jen Davies-Owen

Coach & chartered psychologist

This programme far exceeded my expectations, the best training I have undertaken. Professional, well designed and executed, enjoyable. I would highly recommend. Trish was very in tune with the needs of her participants and was able to skilfully adapt the program to suit our needs in the moment. The tutorials helped to individualise the learning experience. Trish’s commitment to this added a degree of extra care that sets this quality course above others.

Kathy Swords

Coach & School Counsellor

“The programme exceeded my expectations. I am dyslexic and have had a lifetime of challenges with producing written work. For the first time ever, I really felt that someone (Trish) really wanted to support me to complete the course. She took time to understand what would work for me when it came to learning and evaluation. Not only did I learn about how to develop and enhance my psychotherapy skills and apply them to coaching. I came to truly understand what it meant to be treated equally in the learning process. “

Kate Glenholmes

Coach & Psychotherapist

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