What Graduates Say

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. Trish is one of the most encouraging, knowledgeable and fun trainers I have ever experienced. This is a quality course that requires hard work (as it needs to be to meet the requirements of a Senior Practitioner in Coaching), but Trish created a safe, challenging and enjoyable experience. I was looking around at different courses and I’m VERY happy that I chose this one.”


“Trish is extremely supportive and generous with her time and expertise. I was blown away by the amount of support offered and am very grateful. Trish was very generous with the information provided and delivery was excellent. Very engaging and responsive to the groups needs. She was really flexible and responsive to the needs of every delegate.  Trish is very accepting and flexible which fosters a learning environment which feels comfortable to learn and experiment without judgment and shame.   The online experience was excellent.”


“The programme exceeded my expectations. I am dyslexic and have had a lifetime of challenges with producing written work. For the first time ever, I really felt that someone (Trish) really wanted to support me to complete the course. She took time to understand what would work for me when it came to learning and evaluation. Not only did I learn about how to develop and enhance my psychotherapy skills and apply them to coaching. I came to truly understand what it meant to be treated equally in the learning process.”


“This programme far exceeded my expectations, the best training I have undertaken. Professional, well designed and executed, enjoyable. I would highly recommend. Trish was very in tune with the needs of her participants and was able to skilfully adapt the program to suit our needs in the moment. The tutorials helped to individualise the learning experience. Trish’s commitment to this added a degree of extra care that sets this quality course above others.”


“The trainer’s style was engaging and she achieved the difficult balance of being totally professional, but also of making the learning fun. The organisation of the course was superb and the administrative support I received was outstanding too.  The tutorials and support were incredibly helpful. Trish was really understanding, and what made the experience so positive for me was that she believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Trish gave her time generously and I am truly grateful for that.  Finally, I just would like to say a huge thank you. I started the course doubting myself and feel I have grown so much through the course.  Many, many thanks.”


“I found Trish very proactive. I like that course materials were sent well ahead of starting the course. Being able to understand the expectations for completing the course and gaining accreditation at the beginning, meant I was clear on what I needed to do and could plan. I found it useful to be given notes and videos ahead of workshops. I found Trish particularly encouraging and supportive and will highly recommend the course.”


“Trish provided a very nurturing, curious, and encouraging learning environment. Trish is extremely generous with her time to attend to any queries and provide guidance and clarity anytime needed. She is an amazing trainer, her therapy and coaching skills come through the approach she has to train which is a caring, empowering and nurturing approach.  T2C is well designed and was delivered at an appropriate pace. The structure of the course is very clear.  I find the (assessment) feedback very useful as it references to all parts of the portfolio and the work that I have submitted. The feedback is very clear and highlights strengths and areas that can be improved.  The tutorials for me were like coaching sessions, thought provoking, generous with time and knowledge and excellent guidance given by Trish. A big thank you to Trish for running such great training course, her warm and caring approach, her guidance and knowledge”


I’m glad I took my time to research courses because, unlike other professional courses I’d seen, its specifically tailored to mental health professionals, both taking into account and building on existing competencies via a structured programme of learning and supervised practice.  The clincher for me was that Trish is both an experienced therapist and coach.  Following a number of supervised skills practice sessions during part one of the programme, I was delighted that I felt confident enough in my skills to start working with coachees.  Trish is a supportive, experienced and knowledgeable trainer and I would recommend the course without hesitation.  It’s been an excellent investment and I’ve now been able to successfully expand my private practice to include coaching and am very much enjoying the variety of work that I’m doing as a result. 


“The supportive atmosphere throughout the training was ideal for learning and made asking questions and further discussion more possible.  I felt the training gave a very balanced and realistic view of what is required on the course and for working as a coach.  I left feeling very inspired and enthusiastic about the work ahead.”


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